Angela was the wedding planner for our wedding that happened on 13-06-18., I cannot recommend her enough.
We had our heart set on a wedding in Italy, but the coordination seemed too difficult to do. We had contacted so many other wedding planners, but none were offering what we wanted. Then Angela and Bespoke Weddings in Italy was recommended from a FB post. Angela called me straight away (FB phone calling). Other planners got back to us days later, some emailed but she was the only one who acted straight away.
We never needed to chase her for things, there was no waiting days for information etc. which was incredibly reassuring at a time when you can be extremely stressed with so many other things.
Angela has been in the business for decades and literally knew everyone, whenever we had a query she would have the contact numbers for the owners in her phone, call them and get it sorted.
Some wedding planners were spoke to previously seemed to have the idea that just because you were having your wedding on Lake Como  that your finances were endless, this was not the case with Angela. As a result she was able to work with us on things we needed to save money on.
As a wedding professional myself I know the qualities of a good professional wedding planner and Angela has all of these.
She is so positive and up beat, she was on top of everything on the day, letting us know when things were arriving, keeping track of the time, over runs etc, she was also at our wedding all day.

If you want a wedding planner that you can fully trust.
If you want a wedding planner that will offer 100% transparency.
If you want a wedding planner  you can get hold of when you need to.
If you want a wedding planner that knows all the vendors in the area.
If you want a wedding planner that is fair with prices.
If you want wedding planner that is down to earth.
If you want a wedding planner that delivers on what is promised.

I am happy for anyone to contact me directly to ask me any further questions about anything if you are considering hiring this company.

Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

Davina & Anthony, Villa Balbianello, Lake Como – June 13th, 2018

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