Who We Are

We are an international team of eclectic, extravagant, dedicated, passionate, energetic esperts in wedding prodction, creative experiences, unique trends and everything Italian , with an influence from remote inspirational places around the globe.

We adore our job to bits, are always on the look for cool trends, new talents, stylish locations and hidden jewels that we can’t wait to share with our clients.The founders, Angela and Beza are respectively Italian and American ……while the rest of the staff is 100% Italian.

Ever since our team was made, we have been extensively learning, designing, consulting, exchanging ideas, and producing unique and extraordinary wedding celebrations and events ANYWHERE IN ITALY. We make sure that every client’s experience is special and different from other couples.

Our Philosophy

Getting married is for life. It is the most inspirational moment in one’s existence as it’s a personal choice to compromise, change, commit, connect and love. Forever. You are not obliged to make it. And for the same reason, you are not obliged to fear the planning and stress over your day. Celebrate your values, believe in your decisions, be aware of your wishes and be true to yourself. Our planning process aims to inspire, engage, relax, create. It’s a journey and, as Every wedding is a different journey with a different destination, we do no offer packages but bespoke service to suit every taste and budget, from the full wedding planning service to the day of coordination.
Planning weddings is our job, but building your dreams is our passion. We would love to create your own original celebration based on your dreams. Tell us what you are picturing for your wedding day and we will propose some ideas and solution for you. What drives us is to reach the goal of offering you a truly unique and customized wedding day based on your taste, style, and personality.
We love to fulfil your dreams to a reality and act as your personal consultant along the way. Leave every single detail to us and we will be your partners every step of the way.

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