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ITALY, 8000 km of coast that have been enchanting foreigners since the beginning of the time, 15 amazing lakes , with their clear waters surrounded by postcard landscapes, medieval towns and extravagant fields, antique architectures with lovely groves and lush gardens.

Lake Como in Italy is said to be romantic and mystical, with the floral paradise and charming waters bounded with groves. Medieval towns of Tuscany are filled with charm, and the Amalfi Coast that has enchanting destinations like Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, loved by our clients and guests alike. The Island of Capri features its extraordinarily natural sea views from the exquisite villas on the island. The stunning architecture of Rome brings you the feeling of an eternal vow, lasting through the ages. The waterways of Venice will make you feel the ever-flowing romance and Italian hospitality that you will love. Puglia will envelope you with the union of the sky and the sea. Sorrento shows you a side of the Italian soul that you will remember. These are just some of the unbelievable locations in Italy people are very fond of. We can assure you that the deep love for our Italian heritage will be more than enough to give you the best Italian hospitality in our country. Guaranteed, we will offer you, the best offer that you will ensure you the Italian vibe for your wedding.

There are still a lot of places in Italy and listing them here would somehow limit you to what you want your big day to be. We aim to be more flexible and allow our clients to discuss with us their dream wedding and be open to us with your imagination.

Planning weddings is our job, but building your dreams is our passion. We would love to create your own original celebration based on your dreams. Tell us what you are picturing for your wedding day and we will propose some ideas and solution for you. What drives us is to reach the goal of offering you a truly unique and customized wedding day based on your taste, style, and personality.

We love to fulfill your dreams to a reality and act as your personal consultant along the way. Leave every single detail to us and we will be your partners every step of the way.

Venues by the water

Eco del mare

What if you could have your dream wedding somewhere along the Italian Riviera? You most certainly can at the Eco del Mare  Beach Club in Lerici. With a maximum capacity of 140 guests, your wedding will be well taken care of by their attentive staff who will ensure nothing but the best experience in one of Italy’s most gorgeous locations. Not only can you have your event right by the beach, Eco Del Mare can give you another layer of exclusivity by closing down the bay for your wedding. There’s lots to do with the beach club and resort itself, as well as around Lerici!

Casa Angelina

If your ideal wedding was something intimate yet stylish, look no further than the impossibly chic location of Casa Angelina along the Amalfi Coast. This Mediterranean-inspired luxury boutique hotel is perfect for small- to medium- sized weddings for couples who want to give their guests an extra decadent treat. The hotel has 39 rooms done in modern and minimalist lines and is known for having one of the best menus in the coast. A quick ocular of Casa Angelina will show you how much everything is immaculately maintained and meets the expectations of even the most stringent of brides. If this sounds like you, you should definitely add it to your must-see list of possible wedding venues.

Villa Cimbrone

The Amalfi Coast has many beautiful locations for you to choose from, and Villa Cimbrone is one of the few that really stands out from the rest. As one of the most prestigious hotels in the whole of the Mediterranean, Villa Cimbrone regularly welcomes celebrities, politicians, and other notable people throughout the year. The architecture is nothing short of splendid, transporting you back to the 12th century while keeping you in the present with its first class amenities and sophisticated touches. Weddings are held at the lush gardens or its refined rooms – both perfectly elegant and easily make for stunning portraits with your beloved and the rest of the wedding party.

Villa del Balbianello

If  Villa Del Balbianello seems familiar to you, that would be because it has been a shooting location for many films that require something as grand as it. This stately location is popular for the spectacular, panoramic view of Lake Como, and the elegantly romantic 18th century gardens and mansion have long been a popular choice for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The villa can accommodate up to 150 guests, and you can definitely guarantee that each and every one of them will have their breath taken away as the cast their eyes on what could arguably be the best view of the Lake, ever.

Isola del Garda

Most tourists go to Isola del Garda to take part in the limited tours (runs from March to October). Couples looking for a wedding venue, however, just might realize they’ve hit gold when they see how great Isola del Garda also is for their big day. Located on the Lake Garda’s Brescian side, Isola del Garda is a beautiful villa done in the Venetian, neo-Gothic style that makes for a great backdrop for when you exchange your vows. The amazing architecture is enhanced by the lush gardens that surround it, complete with exotic plants that could very well play a big part in your overall wedding motif. You’d be hard-pressed to find something else as breathtaking as Isola del Garda’s verdant offerings for your big day.

Guna Beach Club

There’s nothing quite as festive like a beach wedding, and having it at the  Guna Beach Club in Puglia would double that fun! Saying yes to forever is so picturesque along the stretch of fine sand of Guna Beach Club, or perhaps its charming gardens if you prefer a quainter set-up. Whatever happens, you’ll highly appreciate the all-in packages for a full wedding setup at this heaven on earth location. Plus points? The dinner spread is painstakingly designed – and executed using only the freshest ingredients the club grows itself. Your wedding party will be pampered to the hilt with all the luxe amenities as well as have endless fun with so many great activities to participate in.

La Peschiera

If you are dreaming of having a beach wedding in Italy, then Puglia is your destination of choice as it is home to the top beaches in the country. Among those include La Peschiera, a boutique beach hotel that perfectly captures the heart and soul of the region. La Peschiera is luxury redefined, as they’ve perfectly whittled experiences to what is only essential and then taken it to the highest possible level. The hypnotic aquamarine sea, blush colored skies of summer evenings, and the exclusivity of only 13 guestrooms all make for an intimate and posh wedding experience that every bride would dream of.

Villa Passalacqua

For many couples, the easiest way to wow your guests at your wedding is to host it at the most dazzling location you can think of. For Lake Como weddings, Villa Passalacqua will definitely be able to do that. The property is nothing short of luxurious and is arguably one of the most gorgeous luxury accommodations in Italy. Weddings are transformed from the ordinary to the magical, thanks to the location overlooking the jewel that is Lake Como. The historical gardens of the property can be an option for your ceremony, should you wish an outdoor setup on one enchanting evening. Planning to stay overnight or several days? Any one of the nine stunning suites will definitely make you feel like you’re living the royal life!

Our Portfolio

We create the emotional beginnings of a lifetime journey and forge bonds that will exceed the limits of culture and tradition.

Casual, strictly formal, country, or even a classy event – you want it, you name it. Your celebration will never be dull in any way.

Imagine contemporary with a bit of country, Italian soul with a little bit of pastoral charm, Mediterranean sensuality crossing with luxurious lifestyle, Renaissance with a touch of modern art. Any place you want your wedding to be will be transformed into a miraculous spot like an oasis in the desert.

We believe that overall, details are what represent the extravagance of the event. They bring along personalization and uniqueness not just for the event, but for the guests. Details give you a lasting impression deep into your heart, a picture that you will always remember in your mind, and a sound that will embrace your soul.

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