Dear Angela and Beza,

I am still recovering from the fantastic fun-full week-end in Salzburg but I constantly feel an urge to write you all regarding Saturday.
It is not easy to come up with words at the moment but I can begin by saying that I did a 100% right choice by choosing to work with each of you.
I have always mentioned Chanel show as the bar/a standard for our event but I sincerely tell you that in my opinion our wedding was much more beautiful. I definitely would not say this, if I really didn’t think so.
You have managed to listen to me so well that when I entered the space – it was all I wanted to see. And this is very precious! You pulled out and enhanced all the right moments, softened the rough edges and made Leopoldskron splendid that evening. It was a magic, decadent, mysterious and beautiful night.
I won’t lie – sometimes I was worried that something might go wrong hehe but everything went on so smoothly. The result that I have seen just proved that you can rely on Italians – you have a natural sense of beauty, this sense is very prior to your nation. It is not outspoken, it just lives in you. Even if things may seem not in order at some points – they will puzzle up into something great in the end – because it can not be otherwise.

Thank you so much for organising all of this, I just wish I could be at this wedding again but as a guest this time haha.

Marinika and Philip, Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg –  January 13th, 2017

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